29MDoernDanko Bristol, Tea Set

The experience of the everyday world influences the direction of my painting – the stuff strewn along the tapletop, moments lived or observed, memories or people or circumstances, and lots of references to things that cross my path throughout the day. It is an intuitive following of ideas.  I digest the visceral sensations of looking, combined with conceptual meanderings about content or subject. I respond in drawing and painting.

I regularly teach Painting and Drawing classes at The New York Institute of Technology, (Old Westbury, NY) and Art and Culture classes at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry. I have taught many arts courses in campus settings and online, and led discussion groups. My teaching has grown multi-faceted in this extraordinary year of new challenges. 


My work has been seen most recently at: The Bronxville Women’s Club, Greenbelt Community Center Art Gallery, Miss Porter’s School, The Bowery Gallery and The First Street Gallery. 

I live with my husband and daughter in the NYC metro area. Please feel free to be in touch via email or Instagram. I’ve recently started a seasonal newsletter. Please send me an email if you’d like to be on my list.

Contact: mauradoerndanko@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aloudrattle/

CV: M Doern Danko Curriculum Vitae 2020